Sound mixer, composer and recorder needs high-quality Audio Interface for mixing, producing and recording the music. Behringer Audio Interface has introduced two such devices- Behringer U-Control UCA 222 and Behringer Audio Interface 4-Channel UMC404HD for satisfying their demand. Will these be able to compete with other Audio Interfaces and replace others? Let’s check these out with the help of its detailed descriptions.

Behringer Audio Interface Review

1. Behringer U-Control UCA 222

Behringer U-Control UCA222 Ultra-Low Latency 2 In/2 Out USB Audio Interface with Digital Output Price: $29.99 Behringer U-Control UCA222 Ultra-Low Latency 2 In/2 Out USB Audio Interface with Digital Output Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 02/13/2019

This audio interface has been crafted with the aim of establishing connection with Mac or PC. Due to its bus power supply, this Behringer Audio Interface needs no batteries or outer supply of power. With double analog inputs, one can easily connect it with the line-level gadget. Varieties of cost-free software are included in its purchase to allow you to make the best of your music recording.


This particular audio equipment is popular among music enthusiasts and sound engineers. Its super convenient operation techniques have made it a popular name in the audio world. Let us now look into some significant pros of this device.

Crystal Clear Latency

Artists or professional singers find latency to be major problem in most of the audio interfaces. However, the case is totally different when it comes to Behringer models of U-Control UCA 222. This device eliminates the latency issue to the greatest extent possible thereby allowing you to concentrate in the recording without any outer distraction reaching up to you.

Free Software Bundled in the Purchase

In order to enable you to rip maximum benefit of UCA222’S recording and podcasting ability, the manufacturers have provided free of cost software bundle. It includes Podifier, Audacity, Juice, Golden Ear and Podnova. Along with this striking feature, you are also getting fifty plug-in effects and various virtual instruments. You cannot wait to experience all these, can you?

Hassle Free Handling

This device is completely backed by USB power which allows you to connect MAC or PC to almost every audio device. As it derives power from computer USB, you do not even have to stress out about any external supply of power. Moreover, it needs no drivers or specialized setup. Simply plug the interface to a USB and begin with your recording.

Durable Design of the Product

Due to rough handling, interfaces get damaged after multiple uses. Therefore, opting for a device made of strong outer material is desirable. You do not have to wonder regarding which product to choose since you have Behringer Audio Interface U-Control UCA 222 models right in front you. It is made of rugged material thereby making the interface durable for enduring some carefree handling. Furthermore, its compact and small size allows you to carry this device while traveling.

Affordable Cost

You are getting all the special features discussed above at below $30! It is a surreal experience for customers. Not only are you getting 48 kHz high resolution for exceptional sound quality, but you are also getting access to various other features at such a cheaper price. This is by far the best price deal on any audio interface offered by any company so far.


Despite the utilities and high-quality functional features, UCA 222 audio interface has certain shortcomings. Some of the cons or limitations of this product are discussed below.

Not Suitable for Production Activity

This Behringer Audio Interface is an ideal potable solution for simpler audio recording and mixing. It is no way suitable for supporting large scale audio production work.

Not Apt for Recording

Despite of having all the necessary features required for music recording, it cannot attain the satisfactory mark of the music recorders. During recording of any music and song, it creates a buzzing sound which can tear the musical sense and rhythm of a song.

Incompatibility With Mac Book and Chromebook

Recording or mixing of music needs to be controlled with software. Thus, it is quite obvious that without a PC, Chromebook or Mac book it is not possible. As Mac book and Chromebook are dominating the world, the sound mixer can start with the job at home too. But this audio interface will not support the compatibility with either of these. Sometimes, it also don’t support in window laptops.

Absence of Proper Software

Only the sound producers, composersih and mixers are well-versed with the importance of the sound software in making song or any music. They always look for such device which is equipped with the proper sounding software. Being an audio interface, Behringer U-Control UCA 222 is deficit from it. If you are going to mixing any sound with this, be ready to encounter a lot of problems. Moreover, the result will not attain the level of satisfaction. Even it is not made up for recording or mixing multiple tracks.

Impact of Poor Latency

It is one of the most noted drawbacks of this audio interface. Apart from the buzzing sound created during the recording, latency deteriorates the quality of this audio interface. Maintaining the time and rhythm is the most important factor for recording or mixing sound and due to poor latency it is sometimes become impossible to recognize the time delay that affect the sound quality.

2. Behringer Audio Interface 4-Channel UMC404HD

BEHRINGER Audio Interface 4-Channel UMC404HD Price: $145.48 BEHRINGER Audio Interface 4-Channel UMC404HD Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 02/13/2019

Its 4×4 2.0 USB MIDI/Audio interface facilitates recording in a matter of minutes just along with every connectivity with your keyboard, guitar, MIDI gadgets, and keyboards. Moreover, the 192 kHz resolution helps in creating professional musical pieces. Behringer Audio Interface four channels UMC404HD is compatible with other recording software such as Ableton Live, Avid Pro, Steinberg Cubase and many more. Therefore, its universal compatibility factor expands its usability scope for the customers.


Users are all in awe of exceptional features offered in the product and that too at affordable prices. Some of the pros in using this device are as follow.

Exceptional Audio With Midas Preamps

Mic Preamps of MIDAS have been effectively incorporated in this audio interface to produce high-standard audio in both studio and live surroundings. Do give Behringer Audio Interface a try the next time you plan to perform at a familial or school function. Not only will it improve the quality of your performance, but also enable establishing a good rapport with the audiences.

Professional Performance With 192 KHz Resolution

Its precision level of 192 kHz helps in amplifying the audio quality of the instrument that you are playing or the song that you are singing. Thus the application of this equipment will make your musical venture less like an amateur attempt and lend a more professional touch to it. Customers have again and again held this factor as a crucial one while explaining their liking for this particular equipment.

Flawless Tracktion With UMC404HD  Interface

Customers are thrilled to experience tracktion bundled in Behringer Audio Interface and controllers and mixers. UMC404HD interface users receive a tracktion software license for free which separately would have cost them around $60. With this added feature, user satisfaction has reached the zenith. You can now elicit maximum joy by mixing, editing and recording the music and share the same with your audience.

Super Convenient Connection

The interfaces of this UMC404HD series can be connected your computer with USB 2.0 port and with complementary analog playback choices including XLR and ¼ “TRS and RCA. Thus, the positive factor of a convenient connection facility has resulted in positive reviews from the loyal customer base. Furthermore, the interfaces’ in-built MIDI I/O facilitates keyboard and external MIDI hardware connections.

Unbelievable Price Range

Lastly and most importantly, the price set on in Behringer Audio Interface of UMC404HD is the cheapest among all the interfaces in the current market. Its features are better or equal to the products manufactured by the rival companies, yet their pricing strategy stands nowhere before the Behringer’s. With all the versatilities infused in a single product, it will still cost you nothing more than $200.


There is no denying that in UMC404HD Behringer Audio Interface have unparalleled utilities and features that have made it a user favorite. However, there are some loopholes as well that have been shared by the users. Few of the major complaints made by them pertaining to this product are discussed below.

Searching Hassle for Working Driver

Navigating the working drivers of this interface requires user input and does not happen automatically. Furthermore, the customers received no significant response from the company when assistance was sought for finding drivers. They have held this product to be not user-friendly enough and have decided not to purchase or recommend the product purchase to anyone. Furthermore, ineffective customer relationship management has shaken the customers’ faith in this company.

Sound Output Is Not Up to the Mark

You will find the maximum number of users who seem to be satisfied with the sound emitted by Behringer Audio Interface of UMC404HD series. However, there are some user groups also that have detested the hissing noise created in sound output. Although it can be mitigated by lowering the high-frequency volume and EQ recordings, it is going to compromise the audio standard to a considerable extent.

Recent Models Are Faulty

Quality degradation is also a factor that has been giving the present users of this audio equipment a headache. It functions well until the first six months; however, technical glitches become apparent after multiple uses. It has been conceived by a handful of users that latest Behringer Audio Interface UMC404HD models are lacking in quality; while the older models are in still good shape and functions.

No Manual Provided

This product comes with no manual guide. Rather some multiple-language quick starting is provided. It creates a problem for the users as they encounter issues in initial set up. Not only has this factor restricted the user-friendly experiences, but also exercise further damage to the company’s image in the industry.


If you are looking for the ideal audio interface, then you must consider some important points. For instance, Behringer Audio Interface 4-Channel UMC404HD may available at a reasonable price but the output is not up to the mark. On the other hand, Behringer U-Control UCA 222 offers handling in a flawless manner but it will make hissing and buzzing sound which interrupts the music recording and mixing.


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