When you are up for a karaoke night, deciding upon the song you want to sing can be a tough choice. You have to ensure that the song has to be popular enough so that people also enjoy listening to it at the same time also be easy in its note to be sung especially for beginners. In this article, we share with you 10 of the most popular karaoke songs of all times that are also the most requested ones.

10 Most Popular Karaoke Songs for Girls, Guys, Duets and More

Most Popular Karaoke Songs

#1. Michael Jackson – Billie Jean

Who does not like this song and even better because it is sung by the legendary Michael Jackson making it the perfect song for karaoke nights. You can give the audience to also do the popular moonwalk. Did you know that Billie Jean was the second single from Michael Jackson from his sixth solo album named Thriller, also that one song from MJ which is the easiest to sing and dance on?

#2. Stayin’ Alive – BeeGees

This is one of the five songs written by BeeGees specifically for the movie Saturday Night Fever. Much like the movie, the song too is a lot about dancing, singing and having a great time. It also deals with the ideas of struggle and being aspirational. The song is a pick for anybody who is not sure what to sing for a karaoke. The notes are good enough and does not include high pitches much.

#3. Sex On Fire – Kings Of Leon

This is the first single from Kings Of Leon from their fourth album named Only By Night and it was an international hit in UK and Australia, however the success was not similar in the US. However, the popularity only grew when they won Grammy for Best Rock Vocal Performance by A Duo/Group and it was also later one of the feature songs in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

#4. Take On Me – AHA

If you have watched the video of this song, you would understand why this song was an instant hit apart from, of course, the awesome music in the song. The lyrics of the song are also beautiful, apart from the peppy music and the innovative video. It serves as a great song for karaoke night and you can sing your heart out especially for the one you love!

#5. Someone Like You – Adele

Adele’s songs mostly talk about broken relationships in the past and this is one reason why “Someone Like You” serves as one of the most popular request for those who have recently had their heart broken. It is quite a simple song and easy to sing on. However, there are high and low ranges in the song which needs to be taken into account before you decide to sing it. It is mostly a pro level karaoke song, so don’t be afraid to drink up and sing to your heart’s content.

#6. Creep – Radiohead

This is one of the most popular karaoke song requests. The song digs deep into the strangle painful feeling of a young men and makes it a perfect pop song. It was the debut single of Radiohead from their first album named Pablo Honey. It is one of the best rock and roll songs and sing it for your karaoke and relive your former flame’s memories through this song.

#7. Like A Prayer – Madonna

Madonna has given out a number of hit singles but Like A Prayer is by far her most requested song for Karaoke, The song involves gospel-like structure and makes use of Catholic imageries making it controversial at the time it was released. However Madonna fans all over the world still continue to sing it in karaokes.

#8. Born In The USA – Bruce Springsteen

This song invokes American patriotic passion among people and is also the most popular single from Bruce Springsteen. However, this is also the most misunderstood song of Springsteen as it is not about unbridled patriotism that he talks about but about the negative impact of Vietnam War on the working class of America. It has a catchy rock feel to it and hence makes a great choice for karaoke.

#9. Baby Got Back – Stir-Mix-A-Lot

This song begins with the lines “I like big butts and I cannot lie” conveying the conventional ideas of beauty that we presume as attractive. The song was the only number one hit from Stir-Mix-A-Lot also serving as a popular choice for karaoke. It also went on to win Grammy for the Best Rap Solo Performance in 1993.

#10. I Love Rock N Roll – Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

This song is a 1981 cover by the original written and released by the rock band named Arrows in the year 1975. The song is an anthem of young rebellious and casual sex and the video was launched by MTV in their early days. It continues to be the most requested song in karaoke nights by both beginners as well as pro level singers.

The song continues to be an anthem of youthful rebellion and casual sex as the music video launched MTV in the music cable network’s early beginnings. “I Love Rock N’ Roll” is one of the most requested songs because it’s simple to sing for karaoke beginners and pros alike.

Readers, which top karaoke songs did we leave out? Add a comment below with your personal favorites.


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