Whether you are sitting in a million-dollar studio surrounded by the best audio equipment in the world or creating your own music in your bedroom, you need good audio equipment. It is true that the sound card in your computer is also an audio interface. However, it has limited uses. These consumer quality products do not give you the same sound that a recording studio level audio interface can. If you are serious about recording great music, then an audio interface is essential for you.

Why the Sound Card Is Not Enough?

Do you want to record a cover of your favorite song with just your voice and a guitar and think that the computer sound card is enough? Think again. The sound card, in its limited ability, cannot provide you high-quality sound which could disrupt the listening experience of your users. Most producers these days are investing in quality hardware which helps them produce pleasant sounds. If you create low-quality sounds, your music will be odd. Your listeners will not compromise with their music just because you have compromised with the sound.

These days you will find several unique and useful audio interfaces that can work with desktop and laptop computers as well as smartphones and tablets.

Bedroom Producers Are No Different From Studio Producers

Don’t consider that you could choose to work on low-quality equipment just because you are a bedroom producer. On the contrary, the sound quality you produce should be as good as a studio. Note that studio producers have years of experience and the best artists at their disposal. The stakes are very high when you are producing a song in a recording studio.

For a bedroom producer, the stakes are lower but that doesn’t mean the sound has to be low quality too. You can get studio-grade sound with some decent audio interfaces. All you have to do is select the I/O method, the sound quality you want and finally decide the budget you have for the equipment. Once bought, an audio interface will level up your production game and make your songs catchier and more pleasant.

Rules of Thumb for Better Sound Quality

Here are some conditions under which buying an audio interface becomes essential:

  1. You have studio monitors. These monitors are not your usual computer speakers. They work on quality sound and give an overall better experience too. If you have been wondering why your studio monitors are not performing as expected, try switching to an audio interface and feel the difference.
  2. If you plug in an external instrument into the system like a synthesizer, a guitar or a digital piano, then you will be better off with an audio interface. It helps you in getting purer sound and experiment with the instruments more easily.
  3. If you are serious about music. The complete beginners can get some quality headphones and mix exclusively on their computers to get the right quality. However, as you start to mature as a producer and begin to understand sounds more deeply, you have to invest in quality equipment as well. You will be surprised with the difference that a simple audio interface can create on songs you mixed while listening with headphones.

What All to Buy for Great Sound Quality Within a Budget?

As a bedroom producer, you don’t have to worry much about the echo. Most of it is lost because of furniture and other items placed in your bedroom. For the best sound recording, you need a good quality microphone (if you will use vocals) along with decent studio monitors placed at 60 degrees from you on both side and a reliable audio interface. That’s it. You can also get bass traps if you want to add more thumping effects to the sound.

Don’t take the ‘bedroom producer’ label too seriously. With the quality of equipment available today (considering they have the right treatment), you can produce studio-grade sounds without leaving your home. Just make sure that you get access to pure, unadulterated sound with the help of a good audio interface and studio monitors. Once done, you are ready to create your masterpiece and take the world by storm.


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